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Simple website design and search engine optimisation
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 28 Mar 2023 18:49 GMT
'A web site can expand your business by reaching a global customer base or just your local customers'
simple-BIZ can build, host and maintain your entire web site or just a portion of it. One of the advantages of web sites built by simple-BIZ is the administration tools developed by our team. These tools allow our clients to update and manage their site content without any programming skills. We can also advice you to define your customers and market and build a web site designed to your needs.

Simple Solutions
  Website Design
Full website design services from concept to completion. Our excellent designers build sites that can turn even the most 'dry' online content or form into a high-impact, professional looking page.

  Web-Based Modules
Add functionality to your site with polls, calendars, eCommerce (shopping cart), message board, headline news, email management, ticket based correspondence, interactive support, banner management and user management.

  Website Content Management Tools
Keep your website current by allowing non-technical staff to edit content with simple tools.

  Website Marketing and Search Engine optimisation
Having a great website isn't enough! Getting your website found is everything and we have a proven track of success in search engine optimisation , web based marketing and other tools to enable your site to be found on the Internet.

Allow clients to login to your site with a user name and password to view their personal account information (e.g. order status, order history, etc.).

simple-BIZ offers a very cost effective and reliable Hosting Plan.

  Custom Catalogues
Enable customers to create orders, route orders and view status reports with a very user friendly online program.

  3D Visualisation
3D visualisation is an ideal way for product manufacturers, distributors and retailers to display their products.

  Please fill our questionnaire to enable us to give you the most suitable quotation for your needs.

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