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Simple website design and search engine optimisation
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 3 Dec 2022 12:00 GMT
'Achieving a good ranking with search engines used to be a fairly simple matter. You’d code up your page with the right keywords and meta tags, and have a doorway page or two and, you’re in the top 10.'

NOW - it’s a very different story.

We are committed to providing only the highest quality web services to our customers around the world. The following questions will help you think through your needs as well as give us the information we need to get started on your job. Whether we are developing a new web site or redesigning your present site, the clearer you are about what you are looking for the easier it will be for us to develop.
Name* :
E-mail* :
Phone :
Country :
Your website address :
Type of Business :
GENERAL : What is the purpose of developing/redesigning your website?

Provide a community service :

Portal to attract visitors and build a community :

Portal or a gateway to the Internet :

Prove a point or fight for a cause :

Attract visitors and sell advertising :

Help my company relate and communicate with other companies:

Sell a product or service without a middleman :

Establish a web presence and creditability :

Experiment and look for market demand :

Improve customer service :

Make product information available and save money in the process :

Keep existing customers informed :

Make price information available to customers or suppliers :

A means of company communication :

Other purpose :
E-Commerce : Do you want to sell your goods or services on the Internet using a credit card payment system? Yes No
E-Commerce : Do you have a registered company? Yes No
GOALS : List some of your objectives/goals in developing/redesigning your site?

  • Should provide visitors everything that they need to know on e-commerce
  • When some one thinks of perfumes, they should think of our site
IMAGES : What type of image do you want your website to communicate?

Conservative :

Corporate :

Feminine :

Content driven :

Friendly :

For children :

Hi-tech :

Family oriented :

Academic :

Fun :

International :

Other :

PURPOSE : What is the purpose of collecting information from your visitors?
Colors to use : Specify one or two model sites that show us the color combinations you want,
or tell us what colors you would like to use in your website.
Look and Feel : List one or two sites with a "look and feel" that you want for your site.
Structure and Layout : List one or two sample sites which have a similar structure and layout
to the one you want to develop.
Functionality : Which one or two sites come closest in functionality to the one you want to develop. Provide a complete list of all the functionality you would like to have in your site. Wherever necessary, please include a sample site we can look at as sample.
  • Shopping Cart
  • Flash animation
  • Discussion Forum
Content : Which of the following best describes the availability of text content for your site?
Use the content of our present site :
We will provide you with the content in electronic format :
We have brochures and other literature which you can use to develop the content with our guidelines :
Other :  
Graphics : Do you have any graphics that you would like us to use?
Please describe :
Logo : Do you want us to develop a logo or custom graphics for you?
If yes, please tell us how we should develop it :
Animations : Do you want us to develop animated graphics?
If yes, please describe :
Content writing : Do you need help with content creation?
example: writing or rewriting for the Web
Yes No
Web page sections : List the major sections that you would like to have in your site.
  • Services
  • Products
  • Community
  • Contact Us...etc
Technical :
Do you already have a website hosting server?
Yes No
If you have checked the above radio button, then what server technology does your hosting company use?
UNIX LINUX Win NT Solaris   Don't Know
What is the URL of your hosting company?
Promotion :
If you want us to promote your site to search engines, please complete the following questions also.
How important is it to you to get a high ranking on Yahoo, Google and other big search engines?
Not very important It is good to be listed Extremely important
How many visitors a day do you get to your website now?
Please list 5 key words that you think your potential visitors will use in a search engine like Google, Excite, or Yahoo while searching for a site like yours :
Example:Keywords are words that someone may use to search for your site. For example, if you sell jewellery, they might use words like: jewellery, gems, precious stones, etc.)
If your site is large, then provide a list major categories with 5 keywords for each :
Do you have a technological background? Yes No
What is your level of understanding of the web?
Excellent Good Average Poor
How many years has your business/organisation been in existence?
How many employees do you have in your company or organisation?
How much budget have you allocated for your website design project? *
Is this project part of your job responsibility? Yes No
How involved will you be in the process of developing your site?
Not much I want to turn it over to you
Some interaction on design, text and features
I want to be involved every step of the way
Write anything you want to add here :
Have you had any problems when you out sourced a website project before?

Please tell us about your past out sourcing problems:
When would you like to launch your website?
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